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About us


About beMineral
100% Natural Minerals

beMineral® is a pure, mineral make-up line developed by Greet Hoedeman, owner of 'Beauty Inn Health & Beauty Center' and wholesaler 'Beauty Injection' in Nieuwegein. Released in August 2012.

The bar was set high in the development

The make-up had to be natural, give a youthful appearance, offer perfect camouflage, be water-repellent and protect against UV radiation. And all this without you even feeling that you are wearing make-up. The seemingly impossible has been accomplished! The foundations contain only 3 ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These are 100% pure minerals, making the beMineral® products suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

These minerals occur in nature and differ in color; depending on the natural elements present during their formation in the earth. Once the ingredients are mined, they are processed in a process of grinding, planing and mixing. This creates the refraction of light that offers an enormous variety of colors. The colors are enhanced by mixing them with different percentages of the minerals Iron Oxide, Mica and Titanium Dioxide. beMineral® uses these complicated, time-consuming procedures to create the purest and most natural creations.

This treatment also ensures a very low molecular weight, so that beMineral® make-up not only feels very pleasant on the skin, but is also very economical to use. beMineral® allows the skin to breathe freely and does not clog the pores! beMineral® products are suitable for young and old and for both men and women. We are proud that since January 2013, beMineral® has officially been allowed to carry the Dutch 'animal-free' quality mark.


Over beMineral
Start 2012

Greet Hoedeman of Beauty Injection takes matters into her own hands and introduces her own mineral make-up brand beMineral®. With a collection that is innovative and versatile in terms of range and above all… that is completely independent!