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  • bM Eyecatch Deal #1 Bm All you need Mascara + bM LashExtender

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    bM Eyecatch Deal #1 BM All you need Mascara + bM LashExtender

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    The LashExtender from beMineral® is a natural product that makes the eyelashes longer, gives volume and strengthens the eyelashes in an instant. The LashExtender contains hundreds of small hair fibers and in just a few seconds lengthens the lashes, makes them thicker, curls and spreads the hairs perfectly, without clumping. The hair fibers consist of purely natural ingredients, such as Cellulose, Panthenol and vitamin E.



    After one coat of beMineral® mascara, apply the LashExtender directly to your eyelashes. You then fix the fibers by applying a second layer of mascara. To create a real XXL effect, you can repeat the actions one more time.

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