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  • beMineral The Flower Collection (Limited edition)

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    The Flower Collection
    Glimmer Pink Sunset. Apply this warm peach shade to your lower lash line to add sparkle to this look which gives you a warm look. Also apply in the inner corners of the eyes for an extra highlight effect.

    Glimmer Rosegold. In the arcade arch, you apply this rose gold shade. It is a warm pink shade with a golden undertone, which matches great with the Glimmer Pink Sunset.

    On the cheeks: Blush Cherry Blossom. The new blush Cherry Blossom is a matte fresh pink shade that matches the warm tones of the trend color pink this year.

    The Liquid Lipstick Pink Raspberry is a warm pink shade that completes this look. This Lipstick comes in a travel-size jar. Use your fingers or a small brush to apply it on the lips.

    Wet/Dry Eyeshadow brush.

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