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    The Eye Collection Kit Smokey Eye:
    * Eyeshadow Glimmer New Years Eve
    * Eyeshadow Glimpse Pure Kohl
    * Eyeshadow Glimmer Pure Silver
    * Eyeshadow Glimpse Midnight Blue
    * Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush

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    Product description

    The Eye Collection Kit Smokey Eye: this beautiful box contains 4 wonderful eyeshadows, to make the most seductive smokey eyes:

    Mix and Match with these colors. Apply them solo, or all four at the same time to create a beautiful look.

    * Eyeshadow Glimmer New Years Eve: dark gray/taupe with a colored glitter.
    * Eyeshadow Glimpse Pure Kohl: beautiful black to get that smokey look.
    * Eyeshadow Glimmer Pure Silver: sparkling silver.
    * Eyeshadow Glimpse Midnight Blue: beautiful royal blue with a light sheen.

    Ingredients eyeshadow:
    Mica /Iron Oxide /Titanium Dioxide

    Vegan | Animal Testing Free | Natural Minerals

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