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    beMineral® blush Envy gives this warm rose 'healthy -glow-effect'.

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    beMineral® Blush only contains the 100% natural and pure minerals Mica, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and is completely free of chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, wax, oil and/or talc. beMineral® blushers provide a natural and colorful accent, which also gives extra shape to the face. With the blusher you create a healthy look, as if you have just taken a walk in an oxygen-rich forest!

    beMineral® blush Envy gives this warm rose 'healthy -glow-effect'.

    How to apply:
    Laugh out loud and apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks, up to the cheekbone.
    Never pass the center of the pupil nor go below the nostrils.

    Ingredients Blush:
    Mica /Iron Oxide /Titanium Dioxide

    Vegan | Animal Testing Free | Natural Minerals

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