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  • beMineral Eyeshadow Glimpse - NIGHT FEVER

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    A deep, dark blue shade.

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    Product description

    Enjoy the many possibilities of the beMineral eyeshadows. Combine colors, use the eyeshadows wet or dry as desired and accentuate your eyes. The eyeshadows come in 3 variations: Glimpse (gloss), Glimmer (glitter) and Matte.

    Glimpse Night Fever. This deep dark blue shade is at its best with wet use. In that case you will get that intense color you are looking for. Use the Glimpse Night Fever also as an eyeliner under the eye to complete your look.

    Apply the eyeshadow on the moving eyelid, in the arcade arch or as a highlighter under the eyebrows. If you want to use the eyeshadow dry, but opaque, dab the eyeshadow on the eyes, instead of wiping. Also vary by applying the eyeshadow wet. Mix it a little with water, then dab it on the eyes.

    The eyeshadows contain only three ingredients:
    * Mica
    * Iron Oxide
    * Titanium Dioxide

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